Often, Flavio gets asked the question "How do you manage to do all this?". In this special anniversary episode, Flavio dives deep into what he has learned about how to be successful and how to get all the stuff done you always wanted to accomplish. Are you ready to learn, grow, and transform? If yes, and perhaps you are unsure where to start, this episode is a special treat for you.

March 2, 2021

Episode 19: Simplify!

We often want more, more, and more. And even we do not, things get more complex over time. In this episode, Flavio talks about how to use "simplify" as an effective strategy to make space for growth and transformation. Listen in to learn how to recognize processes in your daily life that can benefit from simplifying. Go deeper and understand why making things simpler can be surprisingly hard and why there are things that you really do not want to simplify.

In this Grad School Special Episode, Flavio condenses his experience of having done numerous grad school interviews into actionable tips and tricks to shine during the interview for grad school. This is episode is part of Flavio's drive to provide explanations of how things work behind the scene in academic, to create a fairer and more level playing field for everyone. No more secret handshakes! Access for everyone!

A seemingly simple question can lead to complex answers. In this episode, Flavio explores why changing is so hard despite change being so fundamental to learning and growth. He explores the hurdles and biases that make us protective of what we have and often prevents us from going after opportunities to improve our future by changing. Full with personal reflections and concrete tools, this episode will inspire you to think in new ways about personal growth through change.

Flavio shares his reflections on the past week and provides some behind-the-scene perspectives of his work as a professor leading a research lab. Learn about his work and some more general thoughts of how life should be what Flavio calls a "meaningful party". Enjoy! 

The future starts now! Flavio shares with you how dwelling on the past can prevent you from thinking about your future in a way that makes you happy and successful. Learn how to develop gratitude for that you have made it to the present and stop worrying about all the random things that could happen in the future. Discover your own incredible resilience and strength, which has you prepared for whatever life may throw at you. Tackle the future!

Flavio reflects on how to tackle the New Year (and life in general) during the challenging times we live in. Learn about his concrete strategies how to be happy and successful. In this episode, Flavio discusses the difference between activities and goals, how to plan for contingencies without getting anxious, and how to do what he calls realistic planning, the magic skill that will make you more productive and happier.

October 3, 2020

Episode 13: How to succeed

Flavio shares his key formula for success = creativity + structure + monitoring. Learn how to get to the next level by succeeding in an unstructured environment. Implement your good ideas by creating your own structure (and monitoring your progress). Check out Flavio's concrete examples of how to apply this formula with examples form academia and industry.

September 20, 2020

Episode12: Synergy!

Synergy! Flavio shares his new insights about synergy and how it helps you achieve your goals without burning out. He talks about sharing, teaching, and giving as additional dimensions that provide synergy and increase happiness (and productivity).

This episode focuses on self-care. Flavio provides an actionable definition and explains why it is so important. He offers a cognitive tick to avoid the fallacy of "I do not have time". In the second half, he discusses proven strategies for self-care and shares his own experience.

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